3 Reasons Why You Should Self-Publish Your Book

Many people want to be a published writer, no matter what the reason behind it: either fame, money, desire to help others or simply a dream to create a masterpiece and sharing great stories to the public. Nevertheless, writing a complete book is not an easy task. A fantasy novel alone is made around 50,000 to 150,000 words that require time, dedication and motivation to continue writing. 

Nevertheless, as if writing alone is not hard enough, finding the publisher that is willing to publish your book is another level of challenge. J.K Rowling, the author of the famous Harry Potter series alone was rejected 12 times by multiple publishers for her first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

So apart from the difficulty in finding the publisher that is willing to publish your book, here are 3 reasons why you should consider to self-publish instead.

Own the right to your stories, brand and characters.

In most countries, the right to your stories and anything related to it are no longer yours the moment you sign the contract with a publisher. Your story, worlds and characters belong solely to the publishers. Due to that, the writers will require permission from the publisher if they want to do anything that involves their story. 

Although there are cases where the writers do own the right to their story, it all depends on the contracts that you sign as well as the negotiation that you have with the publishers. Nevertheless, this side of the deal is rare usually happens to already published writers or famous writers while a new, no name writer will often be at a disadvantage.

Earn more from your book sale.

On average, a published writer under a publisher will earn around 10% from the book sale. So if the price of the book is RM30, the writer will only earn RM3 for each book sold. For the self-published writer, on the other hand, the earnings that they can get, after taking the cost of printing the book taken into consideration, are around 15% and up to 50%. That means, from a book sale of RM30, a self-published writer can earn from RM4.50 to RM15 per book sold.

Additionally, with the writer became the sole owner of the story, they can also earn any income from merchandise or movies that are made from the movie, whereas for published writers who do not own their stories, they will only get the 10% from the book sales alone.

Freedom to write.

In most contract signed between a publisher and a writer, apart from handing the right of a writer’s story to the publisher, a writer also bound his writing career to the publisher until they are released from it, or the contract is broken by either party. This prevents you from writing to a different publisher or sometimes, doing other freelance writing work on your own.

Therefore, since a self-published writer is not bound to any contract with any publisher apart from the one that they may set up to print their book, you can write to any other publishers once you published your book and gain a name for your self.

The main challenge for the self-published writer, apart from writing and publish their book, is to market and sell their book. Traditionally, you must have a really strong connection with the chain bookstore or use an agent to distribute your book to them. Unfortunately, that method can cost you around 50% of the price of the book, so around RM15 for a RM30 priced book. 

Therefore, we at Alpacarts.com are dedicated to helping writers, especially the self-published writers to bridge the gap between the writers and the readers. If you are a published writer, you can head to this link to register to our seller registration page and if you are not a writer but want to be one, you can head to our blog to learn more about writing and publishing.

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